7 Sites That Pay $20 Per Hour To Stay At Home


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Do you wanna Stay At Home and make $20 Per Hour?

Today i'm going to show you 7 Sites That Pay $20 Per Hour To Stay At Home

7 Sites That Pay $20 Per Hour To Stay At home

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For You if..
You are the teacher type

Benefit - What
Teach English to kids in china between the ages 4-12.

Benefit - How much you can make
Earn $14-22 per Hour

Benefit - Time
Pick Your Own Hours

Benefit - Worldwide
Works anywhere in the world

Benefit - Effort
You don't have to come up with what to teach, they give you a curriculum for each one on one call

Benefit - Tech
They have their own platform like Skype

To sign up to this you do need a Batchelors degree or higher


- What this is
Testing Time is a website that lets you test other peoples digital products. They need your help to make them better

- Pay
You can earn up to 50 Euros Per Hour

- Worldwide?
Yes, anywhere in the world

- What you'll do
You'll need to sign up here, and download a software.

You'll get sent emails when there is a test available to you.

They're gonna send you the product they want you to do and give you some tasks

And all you'll have to do, is record your screen, go through the product and think out loud.

- Work from home

- Fun & Easy

- What this is
3Play Media is a Start-up in Boston United States that works with Closed Captioning, Transcription, Audio Description and Translation & Subtitling

- Pay
10-30 per hour

- Your job is to
Transcribe recorded English audio and edit imperfect transcription

if you're a very caring type, Pleio is gonna be perfect for you

You're gonna help people remember to take their medicine.
With people that start on new medication, it's very easy to forget to take them, and that's where you come in.

- 100% Work from home

- You choose how much you get paid based on your performance

- You control your own schedule, not locked to a fixed one

- You become your own boss

- What is it?
Mods are pros in digital engagement.
That means you will be moderating forums, chatting with customers, managing communities, and buzzing in social media. Been around for a while and has Physical locations in Us, Europe, and the Philippines

- 100% Work from home

- Select topics based on your passions

- If you don't wanna go full time this will be a perfect part time job you can have on the side, or if you're a stay at home parent.

- Pay is gonna be based on your experience and skills, how much you're able to work, and how well you perform.

- What is it?
Appen works with 8 of the 10 top global technology companies. And they help these companies improve and optimize their products for users worldwide, including social media platforms, search engines, voice recognition systems, and eCommerce sites.

- What do i have to do?
Say for example Apple does a marketing campaign on social media. Your job is to look at all their social media posts, and evaluate how well their campaign is running.

- How much you need to work
Part time work - up to 20 hours per week very flexible
usual position requires 1-4 hours of work per day, 5-7 days a week


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